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There are simple auto services that go a long way in keeping your car looking and running like new. The automotive experts at Whitten Brothers dealerships in Richmond, Virginia are here to help diagnose and fix any car repair service issues you may have along the road, but we have also put together a list of common maintenance steps you can follow to ensure that your car remains in pristine condition, no matter how many miles down the road.

Keeping up with routine auto repairs and services is an easy way to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. If you have questions about an automotive service or are in need of a tune-up, simply give us a call or bring your vehicle in to one of our auto repair and service departments.  We have dealerships that can help you in central Virginia:

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Whitten Brothers Auto Repair Department: A History of Great Service

Our auto repair experts will run complete diagnostic tests to find any service issues and quickly perform any and all auto repairs to get you back on the road.

The automotive repair team at Whitten Brothers takes great pride in our Service Center. Founded in 1920 as a Service & Tire Shop on a dirt road that is now known as Broad Street, Whitten Brothers is one of the oldest remaining automotive centers in the Richmond, Virginia area. Although we were just a small shop back then that changed oil and replaced tires, we have continued to grow. We are proud to provide you with excellent customer service that is backed by only the highest quality auto parts. To meet any needs you may have, we offer a Mopar Certified Express Lane, Tire Center, Rental Department, Shuttle Service, and Full Detail Department. 

Whitten Brothers is the largest Chrysler Certified Service Center in Richmond, with 600 years of combined experience from 34 certified technicians. Many of our automotive consultants have been with us for over 20 years, providing you with the quality repairs and services you expect from the Whitten Brothers name.

Why You Should Schedule Car & Truck Repairs with Whitten Brothers

When deciding where to service your vehicle, you have many choices. What makes Whitten Brothers stand out from the rest? Our experienced and friendly service staff!  They will provide you with comprehensive maintenance for your vehicle and perform repairs at competitive prices.

If you have questions about the auto services we provide at our Virginia dealerships, check out the list below. These common repairs performed at Whitten Brothers Service Center can help your vehicle stay in mint condition.

Air Filter Replacement & Routine Tune-Ups

Air filters are easy to forget or ignore when it comes to car repairs. Many people do not even know why they need to change them and think that it is more of a suggestion than a necessary repair when they bring their car in for maintenance. But replacing the air filter in your car on a regular basis can help your car run more efficiently in the long run. The air filter reduces harmful emissions that the engine puts out, while also keeping dirt and other debris from entering the engine. Clean air filters also maintain a higher fuel economy in your vehicle, keeping internal engine components working smoothly and without added friction from buildup.

Bringing your car in for routine maintenance appointments will keep parts cleaner and prevent gears and small components from wearing down over time. Without regularly scheduled tune-ups, your car can begin to leak fluids, which causes parts to corrode or become clogged. When you bring your vehicle in to Whitten Brothers Service Center, our automotive experts will take the time to remove fuel, oil, and dirt deposits from all affected parts, such as intake valves, injectors, and combustion chambers. To keep your vehicle in prime condition, schedule regular maintenance appointments with the professionals at Whitten Brothers.

Oil Change

Oil changes are the most common and regularly performed maintenance services. This service is necessary at different frequencies for individual vehicles, and is based off the make and mileage of your car. Newer cars typically need oil changes less often, and the suggested frequency can range anywhere from 3,000-10,000 miles. Bringing your car in for regular oil changes is a quick and inexpensive way to maintain the condition of your vehicle.

What does an oil change do for your car? Clean oil lubricates the engine of the car, preventing friction from occurring between the parts. If there is not enough oil in your car, parts will rub together and eventually wear out, which is an expensive repair. Bringing your car in for routine oil changes helps maintain the engine parts and prevent the costly repairs of replacing these components. If you are unsure about how frequently your car should be serviced for oil changes, refer to the owner's manual and talk to your mechanic about how your mileage affects this service.


If you notice your steering wheel pulling to one side or you feel vibrations coming from the steering wheel when you drive, it may be time to get your car's alignment tested. The right alignment is critical for retaining high safety standards in your car. Hitting curbs and potholes or even typical wear over time can cause your vehicle to require readjustment.

Proper alignment not only saves you money in repairs, it also increases your vehicle's fuel economy.  If you are unsure about your car's alignment, ask the experts at Whitten Brothers for a quick alignment test next time you come in for an oil change or other services. It is an easy way to keep your car running smoothly and save you money in the long run. 

Wiper Blade Replacement          

Replacing automotive wiper blades are an easily overlooked service. You often do not even think about changing them until there is a heavy downpour and you realize that the windshield is streaky and blurred. Instead of waiting for severe weather to strike, change your wiper blades proactively. Although it may not seem like an important maintenance step, fresh wiper blades can keep your windshield clear and prevent accidents. Ask a qualified technician to check your wiper blades for wear and tear at your next appointment to ensure that they are still in good condition.

Brake Fluid Exchange

The brake fluid in your car absorbs air and water over time, which makes the braking system less reliable and more likely to fail. Clean brake fluid increases stopping distance and can even extend the life of the entire brake system in your vehicle. In addition, a brake fluid exchange can prevent corrosion in the brake lines.

The necessary frequency of this service varies widely depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Some manufacturers suggest a brake fluid exchange every 20,000 miles, while other cars only need the service every 100,000 miles. Check the owner's manual to see when a brake fluid exchange is recommended for your car.

Coolant Flush & Replacement

The environment and temperature range in which you drive your car is constantly changing. To keep the engine from overheating or freezing, coolant works to maintain a constant temperature zone. Like brake fluid, coolant can absorb dirt and other debris over time, which can impair its' ability to cool the engine.

To find out when your vehicle needs a coolant flush and replacement, refer to the owner's manual or speak to a qualified expert at Whitten Brothers about coolant maintenance in your car. 

Transmission Fluid Exchange

When you shift gears, whether automatically or manually, your car uses transmission fluid to make this process smooth and prevent damage to the gear teeth. Clean transmission fluid will extend the life of your car's transmission system over time. Replacing this fluid will reduce the buildup of sludge and dirt in the transmission and keep your car from needing expensive maintenance and repairs. Ask an automotive expert at Whitten Brothers or check your owner's manual to see how often you should have the transmission fluid changed.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

A power steering fluid exchange gets rid of buildup from the steering gear and makes the steering wheel easier to maneuver without excessive force. When the vehicle's power steering system starts to wear out, dirt and metal particles can contaminate the power steering fluid and cause the entire system to break down.

Changing this fluid prevents power steering parts from deteriorating, increasing the system's lubrication and making your driving experience seamless.

Fuel Induction Service

The fuel you use in your vehicle is not always completely pure. Over time, the impurities in the fuel can create deposits in the engine, making the entire system less efficient. Regular fuel induction service on your vehicle will provide better gas mileage and reduce harmful carbon emissions. This service will also improve the throttle response by cleaning the body, intake valves, combustion chambers, and fuel injectors. If you notice your car shaking while idling or a drop in your fuel efficiency, bring your vehicle in to Whitten Brothers for a fuel induction service.

Tire Replacement & Rotation

The only connections between the road and your car, tires are one of the most important parts of your car. If the treads are worn down or there is a slow leak in one of your tires, that connection is compromised. This can become extremely dangerous in severe weather.

Replace your tires periodically and have them rotated when suggested by a service professional. This is an important way to prevent dangerous blowouts and keep the connection between your car and the road strong.

Contact Us for Your Next Auto Repair

In addition to these frequently performed services, the staff at Whitten Brothers can help fix many other automotive needs, including auto body work. No matter what services your car needs, our expert technicians provide complete auto care at competitive rates. Check the charts below to see how our prices stack up to other local and independent shops.

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